Tricks to get shiny and silky hair

When the wedding season arrives, many of my friends go crazy with the topic of choosing the perfect dress, but for me, who usually rent it, this is never a problem for me, I let myself be advised by specialized stylists and I always go on point blank

What does usually drive me crazy is my hair, since, for many hairdressers, collected or hairstyle with exceptional braiding that I do ... well, you know, although the monkey is dressed in silk ... For further details, go here: How To Get Silky Hair

And it is that a good hairstyle is of little use if my hair is not dry, coarse and frizzy. Let's say that, at this point, I have already tried everything and I can assure you that, for many miraculous effects that cosmetic products offer, in the end like grandma's remedies and natural ingredients there is nothing.

Personally, after much searching I have come up with my magic hair beauty formula. More than one friend begs me to reveal my beauty tips for hair.

They are always surprised when I reveal it, because of how simple, cheap and easy to prepare it is.

Hair treatment with Aloe Vera and Honey

When you have dry hair what we have to look for are those ingredients that provide us maximum hydration. As you know nature provides us with more than a great ingredient to hydrate our hair and achieve silkiness and shine when applied.

The Aloe Vera is one of the star ingredients. A plant with long and thick leaves that extend like a mini desert palm. Not only does it have a curious decorative effect, but it is also one of our best allies for maintaining well-groomed and hydrated skin and hair.

It is a plant with many benefits for our beauty for its moisturizing and softening properties, as well as its high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Another tip to keep your hair shiny and silky is to avoid using irons and dryers, as well as replacing conventional dyes with more ecological ones and avoiding over-washing your hair.

Also drinking plenty of water, having a balanced diet and avoiding prolonged exposures are key to having beautiful hair.

I can assure you that, in my case, following this simple treatment with Aloe Vera I get a shiny and healthy head of hair.

In fact, to attend any event I just follow this treatment and I don't even use the dryer.

Of course, I got a brush in this hairdressing products store , an online store to buy professional quality hairdressing products from brands such as L'Oreal Professionnel, Wella or Schwarzkopf, among others. Its brush combs and straightens hair at the same time, it also provides extraordinary shine leaving hair soft and silky, and it also seals cuticles and eliminates frizz.

By combining the Aloe treatment with this brush, I only need to follow a simple straightening tutorial to make myself a nice updo because my hair breathes health and shine like never before.

To carry out this Aloe Vera Treatment you only need:

· Aloe Vera leaf

· A tablespoon of honey

· A tablespoon of argan, castor, coconut or sweet almond oil

· A shower cap or plastic bag

· Your shampoo and conditioner

If, as in my case, you want to have shiny and silky hair, I recommend you follow this treatment, since, in the end, nature is always the wisest, and if you know how to search among its many treasures you can find the perfect answer for you.

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