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Julie Dodd

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By Julie Dodd, Feb 10 2017 07:15PM

Today I showed the students a few more techniques and once again they worked really hard to achieve great results. I have one more workshop to show them the most diffcult techniques I want them to try out and develop further if possible and then they can start working on the compositin of their pieces and decide which corals to make more of.

By Julie Dodd, Feb 8 2017 06:00PM

I starting working with the year 10's on their coral reef projects today. I chose three different formations and demonstrated how to achieve them through paper manipulation, starting with the easiest and progressing to slightly more difficult. The rolled paper pieces are tricky to achieve to begin with as you need to start with a really tight rolling technique or it doesn't work, but they got the hang of it in no time and started adding to the templated pieces, developing their own ideas with the use of watercolour. A couple of students even found shapes and pattern from the left over scraps of paper and created new corals from them.

I am working with them again on Friday to show them a few more techniques.

By Julie Dodd, Jan 10 2017 11:03AM

This work is taking a long time to produce and I'm struggling to produce as much of each type of coral as I need because I'm wanting to try out new ideas all the time.

By Julie Dodd, Dec 23 2016 04:00PM

I have decided that 9cm by 9cm is a comfortable size for the coral work to be presented on and using this format means that when the girls have created their pieces they could easily be shown together as a wall installation in the same way mine is presented. Unlike mine I have used colour for their coral examples as I want them to study living, diverse corals and I want them to experiment with a variety of papers, textures and paint.

more complicated structures
more complicated structures

By Julie Dodd, Dec 21 2016 10:32PM

I have been asked to develop a project for a yr10 class at Prenton High School based on my coral colony work. My aim is to develop their paper manipulating skills using cutting, sculpting, rolling etc whilst they study the natural form of various corals. I intend to start them off with simple forms which can be enhanced with painting techniques and even the choice of papers they use. During each lesson they will learn another way to create a piece of coral, developing their skills further, until they are using advanced techniques successfully and adapting the techniques I have shown them or creating their own techniques. They will eventually have a collection of pieces to use and they can then look at the composition of their final work.

Simple coral construction
Simple coral construction

By Julie Dodd, Dec 17 2016 08:00PM

This piece is finished but i now that I know it works I'd like to start working on a much larger wall installation using white paper to illustrate the destruction of coral colonies.

By Julie Dodd, Dec 8 2016 05:00PM

New ways of rolling paper keep coming and I could go on forever developing new ideas but for now I think I've finished this work. The white coral installation is developing slowly but is progressing well and I think it has more of an organic feel to it than the rolled book page pieces. The book page pieces appeal to me because they look manmade in what should be a natural environment but I think the white paper pieces demonstrate better what I want to say about the destruction of coral reefs.