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Julie Dodd

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By Julie Dodd, Apr 26 2017 05:00PM

Most of the students have completed the structures and will be starting on the coral during their next session. They look quite similar at the moment but that will soon change!

By Julie Dodd, Apr 18 2017 04:00PM

Group 2 made good progress today, especially after being off for Easter for two weeks!

By Julie Dodd, Apr 8 2017 08:00AM

I've been working on some ideas for new workshops this week. I've come up with this idea based on the toadstool altered books from my getting back to nature series, but i have made some alterations that allow you to learn more technques and also make it possible to learn all the skills needed and compete the artwork in one session, depending on how much detail you put in of course.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 31 2017 05:51PM

The girls sculptures are coming along now and the addition of the fungi really adds to it.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 29 2017 10:28PM

Today was quite a hectic session. I managed to get two groups working on two types of coral whilst the other girls worked towards finishing their tiles. They are doing great , I'm so impressed with their efforts and a small group came back at lunch to carry on too.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 28 2017 05:00PM

Group 2 are doing well with their wire sculptures too. Most will be starting their decorative fungi work during the next session. They are going to have to think abut the composition in a very different way to the tiles as in some respects it's as important about the spaces left blank as it is about choosing how to present the fungi they produce.