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Julie Dodd

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By Julie Dodd, Mar 1 2018 09:00PM

Today I showed the second group more difficult techniques. Some struggled a little but with a little practice the results ended up being very good. I can't wait to see what they do next.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 1 2018 10:00AM

Some more photographs from the installing of a window display at the Bluecoat Display Centre.

By Julie Dodd, Feb 15 2018 10:00PM

Today I starting working with another y10 class on a project based on my coral colony. Today I showed them three simple techniques that they have tried out and with many developed furher. They got more done than I expected and are ready to move onto the the more advanced paper manipulating techniques next time.

By Julie Dodd, Feb 13 2018 08:25PM

The students are doing so well with this project. I spoke to them today about refining their skills and making the most of what they do well. The results are already very impressive and they had less than two hours to get this far. I can't wait to see the finished work!

By Julie Dodd, Jan 28 2018 08:33PM

For the month of March I will be showing a recycled paper woodland installation in the window of the Bluecoat Display Centre. Alongside this I will be running an altered book workshop at Cass Arts, Liverpool based on work in the installation.

Fungi covered Altered Book Tree Trunks

Saturday 24th March from 1 - 5pm

Cass Art's Liverpool store, 18 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

£25 per person including materials

Recycle an unwanted paperback book during this altered book workshop. We will be transforming paperback books into tree trunk sculptures covered in different types of fungi, which will be constructed from the leftover book pages and cass art papers through a series of cutting and paper manipulation techniques and will be enhanced with the use of other cass art products. Participants are invited to bring an old paperback book to recycle if they wish but books will be provided and available to use.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants so booking is essential.

Please note this event is open to adults and children over the age of 14.

Email crafts@bluecoatdisplaycentre.com for further details or call to pay over the phone on 0151 709 4014.

Supported by The Granada Foundation and Cass Art

By Julie Dodd, Jan 27 2018 12:21PM

My work can only be seen for the next few days in the Di-versi conservati (di-verse stored) Exhibition, but other work can be seen in the Morris Museum exhibition Book Art; A Novel Idea in New Jersey and more of my work can be seen Our Anthropocene: Eco Crises' exhibition inThe Center for Book Arts, New York

By Julie Dodd, Jan 23 2018 08:00AM

Today I started the coral project at Prenton High School. I have adapted it from last years project so that the pupils can concentrate their effects on the coral alone. So this time they are going to be presenting it on driftwood. Today I introduced them to my practice and showed them three ways of working with paper.