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Julie Dodd

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By Julie Dodd, Mar 11 2017 01:00AM

I've been working on a few ideas which I need to complete but this one is nearly ready to show to the girls. i've made a simple funnel shape and now I'm starting to plan out where all the corals will be going.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 9 2017 05:00PM

The girls did so well today I don't think they will need me again. They have a little finishing off to do and then they are working on their larger sculptures again.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 8 2017 05:00PM

The majority of girls have almost finished their coral colonies, so I think they could be finished during the next session. The teacher and I think this project could be taken much further so I'm going to work on a few ideas over the next few days. I'm not working with them again until next Wednesday so i will have plenty of time to come up with a few examples.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 7 2017 04:03PM

The girls only have one more session making the fungi tiles, but they are doing really well and I am very happy with the amount of experimentation coming from this group.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 6 2017 04:30PM

The fungi pieces have come on so well with this group now, I don't think they will need much longer on it before they go back to their sculptures and decide which fungi to take further and reproduce for their final pieces.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 3 2017 06:00PM

The girls know what they are doing now so I'm trying to get them to start thinking about colour combinations, shape combinations, size combinations etc. On one hand I've already told them to try and keep things looking natural, try not to have coral all the same size and try not to order it in size etc, but now they do need to think of the composition in artists terms, so that there's not to much going on, on the board, that the colours don't clash or look to gaudy etc because we're trying to represent a coral reef as a piece of art rather than trying to recreate it exactly, so we can be creative and alter the coral to are advantage.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 3 2017 01:34PM

Todays session went well. I started by working with a couple of girls who had been absent last lesson, but once they got the hang of a few techniques I worked with individuals on their pieces, perfecting techniques. Some of the girls have started working on their boards now and are making good progress.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 2 2017 02:40PM

I’ve been working with the first group of girls today. They are starting to do their own thing and you can really start to see results.

By Julie Dodd, Mar 1 2017 06:00PM

Today I talked more to the girls at Prenton High School about my work. Now that they have got stuck into the project they could really get to grips with the reasoning behind my work. But as well as the environmental side I wanted them to understand how important the repetition is, not just as a process that I work to as a formula but about how it demonstrates growth and how I translate this through pattern and shapes found in nature. I showed them how to produce my paintings of tree cross sections and stem cross sections. They are being given home learning to create a piece of work in the style of my work which will be part of the artist page they produce.

The girls continued working on their coral pieces and the majority of them have been given the boards to fill. They are planning where the different corals will be going and I have explained that they shouldn’t be restricted by the size and shape of their boards, they should look organic, so we will be working off the sides of the boards slightly during the next lesson.