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Julie Dodd

     Installation Artist       Altered Book Artist       Paper Sculptor       Book maker       Printmaker

Seasonal Workshops

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Suitable for adults.


This day workshop gives you the skills needed to create your own unique Paper Wreaths.

Suitable for adults and older teenagers.


During this half day workshop you will learn to make ivy mantel garlands out of plastic milk containers.


Suitable for adults and older teenangers.


During this half day altered book workshop you will learn folding and cutting techniques to create a Christmas tree.


See an alternative workshop opposite and below were the altered book Christmas Trees were produced and uniquely decorated by 14-15 year olds

Fir tree forest IMG_2051 IMG_2050 IMG_2049

Gingerbread house/Halloween themed workshop

Variations Suitable for all ages.


First eveloped as part of a Halloween themed day for 4-12 year olds at Trencherfield Mill, Wigan, for Wigan Libraries as part of Powerfest and later adjusted to have a Christmas theme..


This workshop can fit into two and a half hours and can last up to half a day depending on what materials and detail are added. For older children the workshop is slightly different, with cutout windows , to show the light from a battery powered tea light.  I developed two alternative workshops to work with yr 9's at Prenton high school, with the first house becoming a box to hold gingerbread ingredients and the second to hold a gingerbread man tree decoration.

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Christmas Baubles make a good extension task or a full workshop depending on what materials and decoration you decide to use. They can be made from various recycled materials including Christmas Cards, wrapping paper and tetra packs. One version can be made to folded out with the bonus that when Christmas is over it can be folded away as a book for easy storage until next year.

Christmas Decorations

haunted house 1 IMG_1293 IMG_1948 IMG_3172 20171014_100524-1 IMG_3336

Christmas Tree Altered Books

Ivy Mantel Garlands

Paper Wreaths

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Altered book Christmas Baubles take half a day to make and are suitable for adults.

Altered Book Christmas Baubles

Microscopic Cubes and Fruit


Recycled Christmas Baubles

Reccyled plastic bottles snowflakes inspired by microscopic images of nature are half day workshops for adults.

Microscopic Snowflakes

Plywood decorations inspired by microscopic images of nature are half day workshops for adults.