Julie Dodd



I ran three children’s workshops for years 5 & 6 in two primary schools making recycled old style towns with watermills, windmills, churches, schools, market stalls and houses as part of a larger project with SAICA to mark the opening of their new paper mill.


We started by looking at the history of Partington up to modern day and the changes that have taken place.  The children used recycled materials to create different aspects of their town.

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Recycled Towns

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Cereal Box Birkenhead


Residential, industrial and the market place workshops based on Birkenhead and the surrounding areas which took place over the course of a week involving children aged 3-15.

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Textile Journeys


I ran three half day children’s workshops.. The children looked at journeys they took over the Wirral and further afield.  They produced small textile pieces using various techniques before they planned and developed the project using some of their ideas from their individual pieces to produce quite ambitious collaborative pieces which they worked on together in small groups.

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Looking at the history of  local environments